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Acetal - otherwise called polyoxymethylene (POM) - is a made up of polymer usually utilized in exactness designing. Like other semi - translucent thermoplastics, it has great substance opposition and weariness obstruction. It additionally exhibits amazing rigidity, great dimensional steadiness and machinability, and low material weight and frictional properties. It is normal utilized for the manufacture of stiff, dimensionally stable parts that need low surface Friction.

Acetal plastic is esteemed for its machinability and numerous worthwhile actual characteristics.Some of the vital traits of acetal include:
#Chemical opposition: great
#Coefficient of grinding: low
#Dimensional strength: great
#Electrical properties: great
#Machinability: incredible
#Porosity and dampness retention: low
#Tensile strength and firmness: great
#Wear opposition: great
#Availability in FDA and USDA-consistent grades: yes

There are a couple of reasons why you might pick Acetal over nylon.

  • When assembling parts that require high dimensional strength
  • At the point when the completed part or item will be routinely presented to mugginess or dampness
  • At the point when the synthetic and wear obstruction of the material is basic


Acetal is utilized for the assembling of a wide scope of parts and items, including, for example, Bearings,Buckles,Bushings,Electrical parts and Padding,Fasteners,Fixtures,Gears,Jigs, Manifolds,Rollers,Valves,Washers,Wear strips and padding.These parts may wind up in clinical gadgets, transport frameworks, or other also complex gatherings.


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