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Cast Nylon Products (PA 66)


Cast Nylon Products (PA 66) is utilized in more modest measurement applications and offers higher inflexibility and wear obstruction contrasted with PA-6. Polyamide (PA-66) is portrayed by its high protection from footing and pressing factor and its extraordinary unbending nature and hardness. It assimilates little water and offers great protection from wear, somewhat more than cast assortments of Nylon.

Sim Welding Machines
Cast Nylon Products (PA 66) shows tantamount ceaseless high working temperature range. Concerning different properties, PA-66 is equivalent to the standard cast type PA-6-G; anyway it is significantly more expensive. As on account of PA-66, the assembling system restricts the size and unit weight which can be created, and this limits the plan prospects of the client. Hence PA-66 in functional application is supplanted generally by the more conservative PA-6-G, which can likewise be created in practically limitless sizes.


Mechanical, compound and electrical areas for specialized technical merchandise like bearing, cogwheels, rollers, screws, gears, pulleys, gas rings, pipe fittings, pump Components, Coil Cores, fans and gaskets acquired from expelled semi-prepared items like tubes, empty bars, hallow bars, Solid Bars and thick sheets.


Round Rods, Square Bars, Thin Coils, Sheets, Rectangular Strips.